Heritage Baptist Coalition work consists mostly of projects.  Almost anyone can support a project and see an immediate response to their donation.  Typical projects may be large (such as:  buildings) or small (such as: books, school supplies, sewing machines, airline tickets, food).  Other projects are ongoing and can be continued as long as the donor wishes and the need is present (such as: supporting a teacher or pastor, building rental or building construction).

All gifts are tax deductible and will receive a tax-exempt donation notice at the end of the calendar year.  Home office funds are provided so there is no “middle-man” loss.  100% of all donations go to the designated purpose.  Heritage Baptist Coalition is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization.

A Charitable Remainder Trust or almost any appreciated asset can be transferred to Heritage Baptist Coalition.  Similarly, an IRA or RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) can name Heritage Baptist Coalition as the beneficiary without paying taxes on the transfer.

Interested in a project to India? Contact us and ask for an update or ask someone to present this hands-on ministry to your church or organization.

The projects are ready. Below is a partial list of current needs:

  • The purchase of a building for a kitchen, dorm, classrooms and an apartment
  • Support for a pastor of an existing church
  • Expenses for seminary professor to teach a block class
  • Support for a field director

Please consider making a difference with a gift to Heritage Baptist Coalition.

Donate to Heritage Baptist Coalition

Independent Baptist Church of Bolingbrook, IL has been supporting traditional missionary ministries for forty years.  They have also enjoyed giving project assistance to nationals, like the projects which Heritage Baptist Coalition now has in place.  Because of the increased opportunity, Independent Baptist is now supporting HBC every month, and much more is given every month through individual designations.  We strongly encourage others to join with them in this effective and fruitful coalition.