The following are the core values of HBC:

  1. Unwavering commitment to God’s Word and to God’s glory in matters of theology and personal living
  2. Obedience to the Great Commission for evangelism and discipleship
  3. Utter dependence on prayer, God’s Word, and His wisdom through biblical counselors
  4. Fellowship with those who are separated and committed to truth and God’s glory
  5. Commitment to the authority and ministry of the local church
  6. Commitment to ethics and integrity in our thinking, actions, and relationships
  7. Maintaining active Trustees and Officers who reflect our core values
  8. Personal accountability and responsibility throughout the ministry


Practically demonstrated by:

  • – Support to only Bible-centered religious, not-for-profit ministries (only in the 10/40 Window)
  • – Developing relationships through the education of children and adults (especially in the 500,000 villages)
  • – Further training and education of nationals in ministry (i.e., Master- or Doctorate-level classes)
  • – Determination to never borrow money (but rather use only what God has provided; never presume)
  • – Never charging for administrative expenses (but practice what we preach)
  • – Encouragement and help for national people with a support base (teaching nationals how to “fish”)
Faith Baptist Church, India Sunday Afternoon Service prior to Grade School and the Sewing Institute Instruction