Supporting national‑led ministries is not a new idea, but the opportunities to do so have been limited.  Only a few organizations support the great need.  The reason is simple: American money follows American missionaries.  This is where HBC comes in.

HBC’s work with nationals began in India.  Since its founding in 2014, HBC is already supporting seven pastors, five teachers, and various other ministries which include:

  • Multiple sewing institutes teach women a trade and provide a unique opportunity to share the gospel with them.
  • Orphans who previously slept on the floor now have beds and a refrigerator purchased by HBC.
  • Two motorcycles have been provided for pastors to better expand their ministries to neighboring villages.
  • Four buildings are rented where churches and other ministries meet.
  • Land has been purchased.

These are the kinds of immediate opportunities in which HBC is participating in India.  As a result, churches are growing and becoming stronger at a cost that is 90% less than traditional missions.

However, HBC is not just focused on India.  Training opportunities are available in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Abu Dhabi for pastors and church leaders.

The work in India is a template of what HBC would like to accomplish in other countries in the 10/40 Window.   As individual ministries become self-supporting, HBC will turn its efforts to other geographical areas.  Our vision is to support the many opportunities to share Christ and mentor national ministries in the most needy part of the world.

Dr. Shoaf will read over the seminary course materials before they are presented.  He is thrilled with the sound content and love the pastors are receiving through the professors who have traveled at their own expense to train these men of God.  The block classes have been well received by those already in ministry.  They are doing the hard work; HBC is just sharpening their axes.